A peer-to-peer coverage market

Cover Protocol

What is Cover Protocol and what makes it unique?

Market Efficient

When there is a demand for coverage, COVER protocol incentivizes market makers to fill the need of the demand. At the same time, it lets the market set the premium of the coverage.


COVER Protocol separates itself from other coverage protocols due to independent coverage ceilings as opposed to pooled staking.

Fungible Coverage

Obtain ERC-20 coverage for the time period you need. Trade your coverage on Balancer and Uniswap at anytime.


COVER Protocol's smart contracts will be audited, deployed, and verified on the Ethereum blockchain, making coverage entirely censorship resistant and open.


COVER Protocol will allow you to buy cover on anything, beyond just smart contracts and crypto. Those looking to purchase coverage are able to, as long as there are people willing to provide coverage.

No KYC Required

COVER Protocol allows you to buy coverage without needing to give up your identity.


What is COVER Token and what is it used for?

Completely Valueless

COVER tokens are valueless and serve as governance tokens for Cover protocol

Shield Mining

Earn bonus tokens through being a liquidity provider for our coverage markets


Vote on community-submitted proposals that will shape the future of the protocol

Claims Management

Play a vital role in the claims management process by validating/invalidating claims

The Team


Technical Advisor


Industry Advisor & Community Manager


Industry Advisor

Claim Validity Committee